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export to epsf

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I'm having trouble exporting from VW 8.5 to epsf:

In VW 8.0 (I guess) I developed the habit to clear the drawing from everything not needed

(purge command) changing all symbols to groups (nested symbols caused problems).

Now I' m having trouble with transparent hatches which are exported as three objects: the actual lines, an outline and a surface.

I only want the lines (shadows in architectural elevations) so I have to delete them in Illustrator which is pretty annoying.

I also tried to create a ps file by means of the laserprinter driver (option: print to file): same problem.

Who can help me please.

Is there general information about creating epsf files from VW

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No answers to my question, so . . . . either nobody is dealing with the problem or nobody knows the answer.

In case of the latter: I found out myself.

Making a hatch by means of the attributes palet gives you a hatch that is connected to the shape and will translate into the epsf-problem I described.

Making a hatch by means of the Tool - Hatch command and trhowing away the filled object gives the perfect transparent hatch in epsf.

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I translate a lot of my files to eps and then use those files for posting on the web via flash.I always have about a billion extra lines, fills, etc. and spend a large amount of time cleaning up.

What is your process. Is there a way to avoid all the overlaps?


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There are a couple of cases where VW 8 does not always generate a very "good" EPS file for some objects. It's good that you found your own solution. Sometimes it takes more than a day to get an answer thou.

If you need a Tech Support type answer imediately, your allways better off calling us at 410-290-5114 9-5:15 EST.

Marc, can you send in an example? I don't have any ideas off the top of my head on how to modify your drawing in VW to get around this, but I bet if we had a look we may be able to figure somthing out. (tech@nemetschek.net)

Actually I lied, are two things you could try. Export to a dxf and then have Illustraor 9 or 10 convert that to an EPS. You could also try exporting to a PICT (not the export image file command, there is a direct command that will export to a vector bases PICT. You may have to add this to your workspace)

Matthew GiampapaNNA Technical Support

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I have used eps files a great deal since MC 6 for importing drawings into Framemaker. The built-in eps export has always been essentially useless except for very simple drawings due to a number of problems. I haven't tested it much with 9.5.2 as I'm going more towards PDF made with Distiller.

The way to get totally reliable eps files (except in rare instances) in my experience is to use the printer driver to print to an eps file with fonts embedded. I am on Mac and use either LaserWriter or Adobe PS driver. Don't know the situation in Windows if that is what you use.

Two downsides to this approach are that it outputs the eps as the entire page, which can give you lots of white space around the drawing and the eps may not be editable in other programs (though someone I sent some to was able to edit them in Illustrator, which I don't have). They also are large as they are not binary eps.

However, using this method I have no need to edit them for use in FrameMaker, they are the same as the print to a postcript printer.

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