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What to do when you install OS 10.1.5


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I am calmer now as I see that the black background approach seems pretty workable. What's worse, I could get to like this! But I notice this:

Working with a black background the text shows up white. Ok. Switching to a white background and the text shows up black. I'm hoping there is nothing funny with the text that willl interfere with printing. But for now I'm back to work.


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It should go without saying-- but I'll say it anyway-- if you install over 10.1.5, make sure you back up you user folder before doing so. Your settings, prefs, mail, etc are all in there. Any documents on your desktop also live in your user folder. One of the few things that doesn't live in your users folder are any custom VW workspaces. Make a backup of those if they are important to you.

Katie-- we haven't noticed any problems with other applications yet. If we do, we'll let you know.

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If you have installed OS 10.1.5 you have 3 choices. You can use a black background which seems to eliminate most of the problems. You might still have some additional problems we haven't picked up yet.

You can revert to OS 9.

You can install OS 10 from the install CD without formatting. Just boot from the OS 10 install CD - restart the computer with the CD in and hold down the C key until you see the OS install screen. Run the install - make sure when it asks what drive you wish to install OS 10 to, you select the hard drive and DO NOT checkmark the format checkmark box at the bottom. By default this is left unchecked. Proceed with the install and it will over write your OS 10.1.5 install with the version on the install CD. You can then run the OS 10 updates thru OS 10.1.4. Stop there. You shouldn't lose anything - all the other programs and system settings should remain the same.

Please note, by not formatting you do not lose your files and programs, however it could lead to problems down the road that are not immediately preset. The best reccomendation is to reformat when installing OS 10, however if you are in a bind with a deadline you can do as I stated above.

[ 06-06-2002: Message edited by: Katie ]

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When I had posted the message about switching to a black background, there were still some hidden problems with the line and color issues in OS 10.1.5 that we were not aware of.

Switching to a black background will fix SOME of the problems, however after testing throught the past week, we have found more and more problems that cannot be fixed by simply switching to a black background. It seems that booting to OS 9 is the only way to solve this problem.

If apple doesn't put out a patch for this, there is a good chance we will probably put out a patch for it, however nothing is set in stone.

Keep an eye out for a patch either here or by Apple.

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