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Doug L

Inserting stake objects in site modeling

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After watching Eric Gilbey's and Tamsin Slatter's Site Modeling - Removing the Mystery webinar, I've decided to try it for a new design project. I've inserted a few stake objects with Z elevations from field laser level measurements and have the following questions:

1. Does it matter what class and design layer I use for the stake objects? Other design layers include my main design layer and another that contains a viewport which references in another VW file that contains the imported Autocad site plan file from client. When I setup the VW file, it created a Site-DTM-Modifier class but the docs says that is for site modifiers only.

2. I've created a site model, viewed it in orthagonal view, but the results look unfinished. Do I also need to "connect the dots" by drawing 3d lines between the stake objects to see the edges? Or draw 3d rectangles and extrude them downward for each sloped landing and steps? Basically draw all existing edges or objects in 3d so that they are visible in the 3d topo? This seems time consuming.

3. What about for existing soil grades around the building? Should I draw a 3d polyine of the building outline, set the finish floor elevation, extrude it downward into the ground, insert the soil grade stake objects at the building wall, and connect the stake objects by drawing 3d lines to show the existing soil surface at the face of the existing building wall? Is this the recommended approach?

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question 1:

generally it doesn't matter what layer and class you use, but you should not use the Site-DTM-Modifier for stake objects, leave this for site modifiers. I use the None class for my stake objects, but make sure you use the stake option to Include as Site Model Data.

the layer doesn't matter, but you need enough data, you can't hope to make a site model from half a dozen points. with your referenced viewport i assume you are placing stake objects along the contours...

maybe what you need is a tutorial on site modeling. my online user group is looking at site modeling next week...

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Thanks Jonathan. That helps for question 1.

Yes, there are over 200 elevation points of existing site objects.

Importing a spreadsheet of coordinate points was another option since Z is calculated from laser elevations, but I don't have X and Y. The referenced viewport contains existing site linework (no contours), so I'm able to snap stake objects and manually set their Z elevation.

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