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This has been a problem on both platforms but I've been trying to Search/Replace text "LD-12-1" to "LD-12-1-##" and when I do it crashes the computer or at least the program. I've found a way around it by Replacing "LD-12-1" to "LT-X" and then to "LD-12-1-##" and that works quickly and the program doesn't seem bothered by it. I wonder if it's simply because I'm only adding text to the Search/Replace string.

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This is currently an outstanding bug (#25573 to be exact) It should only happen when replacing a search string with another variant of that string.

The workaround you discovered is the same as what we have on file. Replace the string with a totally different string, then replace that with the desired information.

This should be fixed in a later release.

Matthew GiampapaNNA Technical Support

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