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Sub Classes missing from menu

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I think this is happening after the latest upgrade, VW 9.5.1.

Create a symbol and try to assign a default class in the create symbol window: you will not see the subclasses listed, only the generic one, before the -.

Same thing from within the spreadsheet when as criterion you want to assign a specific class. Only the main ones are listed, not the subcategories. Is it just me?

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Check the bottom of the class menu for the sub items. While I don't have the exact number on hand, there is a limit to the number of sub menu's the OS will let us draw. Because of this, after a certain number of classes we put them in the top level of the list.

We are looking for ways to re-do this aspect of the program so there are an infinite number of sub menu items.

Matthew GiampapaNNA Technical Support

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Matthew, unfortunately it happens with any file, old or new, very few classes or many. The subclasses are only visible in the classes menu and sheet creation dialog. No symbol default class list or spreadsheet criteria list or custom selection list.

VW Architect 9.5.1 Win 2000

Others in the office have the same problem.

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Were looking into the problem now, so far we have uncovered a bug where a user makes a class with a dash in the name, that class cannot be selected on the symbol options, criteria and saved sheets dialogs on Windows.

From our engineering department...

"If you have two classes, A-B-C and A-B-D, instead of having an A submenu in the top level menu, which contains a B submenu, which has items C and D, you just have a menu item A in the top level menu.

There is no problem with the class menu on the databar or the OI palette on Windows and there is no problem on the Mac. But on Windows, we have a problem for the symbol options, criteria and saved sheet dialogs."

At the moment the workaround for criteria, symbol options, and saved sheets is to use their VectorScript equivalents.

"When someone creates a symbol and wants to assign the default class to ?A-B-C?, on Windows, the user cannot do it through the Options dialog, but after creating the symbol, the user can run a VectorScript which just contains,

SetSymbolOptionsN(?Symbol-1?, 0, 1, ?A-B-C?);

Where ?Symbol-1? is the name of the symbol, 0 is the insert option (0 for center, 1 for edge), and 1 is the break option (1 for full breaks and caps; 2, 3 & 4 for other options).

For the criteria dialog, to select a class like ?A-B-C?, the user will have to choose Create Script instead of Execute Immediately. The user should select ?A? on the criteria dialog, then edit the script, changing ?A? to ?A-B-C?.

For saved sheets, if the user wants to save a sheet with ?A-B-C? as the active class in the sheet, the user just needs to make sure ?A-B-C? is the active class when s/he does the Save Sheet command. Then ?A-B-C? will initially be the active class in the sheet, and the user will not need to edit the active class in the sheet."

I hope this helps... We will continue to look into the problem here and see if there is a better solution.

Matthew GiampapaNNA Technical Support

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