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Controlling Graphics on Planar Objects

I have been looking at controlling the 2D (or planar) graphics in

Vectorworks with my subscription service. There are many controls for

line weights, dash styles, hatches, tiles and so on. I was surprised

that so many people do not control line weights or dash styles, they

just use what Vectorworks gives them.

If you have an older version of Vectorworks, 2010 or earlier, then

you are missing one of the really cool graphic tricks called tiles.

Tiles are an easy way to make a repeating pattern. Unlike Hatches,

which only create linear patterns, tiles can make repeating patterns

from anything you want to draw (lines, circles, polygons, etc.,).

They are colorful and graphically rich.

If you want your drawings to look better, then controlling the

graphics is the first step. Learn to control the colors and lines.

Learn to make hatches and gradients. If you have Vectorworks 2011,

learn to use tiles, they are a big improvement.

This is just one of the Short Sharp Training topics that you will

find here... - http://www.archoncad.co.nz/styled/page15/courses.html


Short Sharp Training

I have had several people ask about getting access to the sessions

and manuals that only my subscribers have access to. For the last

five years I have been running monthly training sessions, and many of

these sessions would be useful to repeat.

It has taken a while, but i have a system now to repeat these

sessions on a monthly basis. The sessions are short, and packed full

of information, and you get a PDF manual with the session, so you get

all the notes for later.

The sessions will be limited to a small number of users, so you will

get your change to ask questions.

Read More... - http://www.archoncad.co.nz/styled/page15/courses.html


Weatherboards in Vectorworks

I found a great plug-in for Vectorworks that is designed to create

horizontal sunshades. Then I found that you can use this plug-in to

create weatherboads. I've written more about this on my blog.

read the blog... - http://www.archoncad.co.nz/blog.php?id=754460332264291812


Vector-workout Subscription

Sessions coming up in the next couple months:

August: Framing:Floors, Walls, and Roofs

This looks like this would only be useful for Architects, but if you

are a landscaper, or theater designer, you can use these techniques

to create floor and roof framing for decks and pergolas.

September: Framing: Roof, Floors and Walls

This looks like this would only be useful for Architects, but if you

are a landscaper, or theater designer, you can use these techniques

to create floor and roof framing for decks and pergolas.

The online booking page is now live. So, if you are a subscriber,

book now. - http://www.archoncad.co.nz/cadsupport/workshop.html

If you want to be a subscriber, join here... - http://www.archoncad.co.nz/subscription.html


Vectorworks can Help Your Business

Read blog... - http://www.archoncad.co.nz/blog.php?id=8334929504072483237


Snaps on, Snaps off

Read blog... - http://www.archoncad.co.nz/blog.php?id=791642498968237378


Great Vectorworks Projects

Read blog... - http://webnash.com/Page55.html

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