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Symbols record retrieval

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Hopefully an easy one for those in the know:

I'm laying out a site of many houses of limited types, and need to experiment with layouts whilst worksheets report stats. I've made a symbol of a polygon of each house type footprint, and entered values in a record format (eg number of bedrooms, number of storeys) with the polygon selected when creating the symbol. The database seems to be detecting the symbols instances as, say, 11 rows are appearing when I place 11 symbols, however I can't seem to get it to report any further information (eg number of bedrooms, number of storeys). Also, how do I get it to count the number of instances? Am I doing this the right way..?


- I notice if I enter something for the 'Name' in the symbol instance, =N in the database header returns that individual name in the worksheet. This will be useful later for individually naming each house in the worksheet ("Unit 54" etc).

Thanks, P

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Ok I found an answer, on an obscure YouTube video uploaded by some lone helper. I'm going to be critical for a moment:

We recently bought Revit and run some jobs on it. The manual is enormous and spells things out in plenty of detail (y'know, like a manual) and there are also lots of other linked official Autodesk help resources. VW Help is just not helpful enough. And, the various sites and pieces of other VW knowledge are not integrated into a "one place to go". It's a shame that a main reason for leaving VW has nothing to do with the software.

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As you are able to pick up the '11' rows, then I am guessing that your criteria is relatively correct. It is always good to check it though and ensure that it is.

Have you placed the information you want (in formula format) into the database header? It would be something along the lines of...


... Where the RECORD FORMAT NAME is the exact name of the record format you created in your Resource Browser, and the FIELD NAME is the exact name of the particular field, eg. Number of Bedrooms

Do you wish to count the number of instances that a particular type of building occurs?

How is your stat worksheet intended to be laid out?

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