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I feel gladness in my heart to see that many of you who have always been loyal to VW. were always ready tell others users that changes for the better was just around the corner, now finally see that it is never going to happen. It is a relief because Stupid me belifed it also through more than 14 years now that 3d dimension would show up many years back, constrains on 3D bolts,shafts and holes, shaft tool is quit good but impossible to open from older versions all the chamfers and fillets that are un editable after upgrading from 2009. Should have been a big WARNING on this before batch converting these files.

Now I have drawn 3 complicated machines with parts list and plenty of holes,bolts not to mention the 3D shaft tool which turns out to be impossible when it comes to rendering in viewport.


I am really angry to be in the position to have a pile of tousands of VW drawings which is impossible to import properly into other programs and the best way is to redraw the whole lot. Belief it or not (Europ inventor experts has worked on this for hours for us whit no result) Converting these drawings is impossible to other formats to work on.sat for instance

Spaceclaim is a good option and they are working on direct 3D which is the future of 3D draving.

I feel this we have been mislead and someone should be responsible at VW for letting us think it will be in next version or next version.

I now insist that VW give us a tool to export files in a different format that can be used fully by other programs in this mechanical field and shut down their mechanical department afterwards.

I?m not talking about .sat format here which brings no history or part numbers along when exporting something worth while looking on.

As you can see from the above I don?t recommend this software for mechanics, rather go to spaceclaim.com and see the light.

Bjarmi Sigurgardarsson

still stuck in VW.

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Well still waiting for answer from VW.Are there no answers or is it not allowed to rock the boat? :(

Is VW for instance working their homework on 3D mouse? Are they working on 3D dimension, sheet metal? any of this. Auto setup of detail bubble in parts list?

I call after answers from you guis at VW.honest answers.

Partslist like this (if pdf. shows up) is 10 times the work than in Inventor or Spaceclaim + the rendering is slow specially if there are 3d shafts from shaft tools and often freezes.


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VW has a far too much ground to make up in the machine design world and with the obvious move to move away from it should be enough for us to make the decision to move on. I have made the decision to move across to Solid Edge (even though it means having to run a virtual machine to get it to work on my mac). I will still probably find uses for VW in the short term as I use it for simple technical sketches for reports, etc, but as the amount of true 3D modelling takes hold and I can see that it is only a matter of time before it gets relegated to the occasionally used basket. It is sad as it's user interface is still one of the main reasons I chose VW in the first place. It is the 3D modelling side that is really letting it down for those of us int he mechanical engineering domain.

Good luck to those who continue to persevere.

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With the number of previous Mech Design Users that NAG has lost to other CAD packages unfortunately it would appear that they really don't care.

They keep saying how 3D orientated it is becoming, but i have difficulty seeing that too. Nothing works as it should, what ever field you work in, simple Tools just can't manage . . . . .


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