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Transferring .shp files between Vectorworks and GIS

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I work in a landscape architecture and planning office that is currently deciding on whether or not to switch from PowerCadd to Vectorworks. Vectorworks Landmark seems to be the ideal choice as we do a lot of GIS work on the planning side of this office. The ability to move back and forth between the two programs would be fantastic for workflow and output.

My question is this: does anyone know how to change the scale in Vectorworks without losing the spatial referencing of a .shp file that will go back into GIS? When I import a .shp file from GIS it comes in at a set scale (say 1:200,000). I then add a new layer, draw a polygon and then export that new polygon. When I bring this "Vectorworks" polygon as a .shp file into GIS, it pops into the correct location. However, when I change the scale in Vectorworks to set up a 24x36 map output, for example, the spatial referencing of a .shp file is lost in GIS.

If anyone has some ideas it would be greatly appreciated!


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You have to keep the design layer scale as it is and create a viewport (to be put on a sheet layer) for the map output. You can give this viewport a scale to fit on the 24x36 size. The scale of the viewport is independent of the scale of the actual drawing.

Also set the page size for the sheet layer to 24x36 so that the sheet layer will have the proper size and depending on the size of the viewport you can add additional annotations on the sheet layer.

If you need more room on the page, you can change the scale of the viewport through the object info palette if neccesary.

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