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Menu's flickering in Vectorworks 9.5

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I just performed the upgrade from VW 9.0.1 to VW 9.5. After I did so I started getting a flickering of the menu name of the last used menu command. I switched back to using VW 9.0.1 and the problem stopped happening. I am using MacOS 9.1, on an 300 MHz iBook with 160 MB RAM, virtual memory off and a 3 GB hard drive.

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Do you mean that after every time you use some commands, the menu name flashes several times? If so, we're aware of the problem and are attempting to find out what causes it to happen for some users.

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This sounds like a problem that I've had and posted earlier. It starts with any menu command,.. edit, move, rotate, etc. The flickering will be from the memu header that the command originated from. Mine continues 'till it slows the whole system down. Probably overwhelming the graphic card.

Seems like this should of been debugged earlier, maybe they should try beta releases?


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Originally posted by siewertdesign:
Seems like this should of been debugged earlier, maybe they should try beta releases?Greg

Nobody reported this problem during the beta testing period. Most machines don't show this problem. We've only managed to reproduce it on one machine here - other seemingly identical setups don't show the problem.

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