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Where is the Extend command?

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A search through the archives shows that this has been a very hot topic, with users asking for a return of the 'extend' tool, and VW trying to explain why they removed it.

I personally did not use this tool very much, but many in my office did, and we continue to believe that you should partially bring back the extend tool (the second mode button in the VW 8.5 extend tool) as a part of the connect/combine tool.

After using VW 9.5 for a few weeks now, I'm on a bit of a tear about some of the features that have disappeared in VW 9, that have been around for many releases prior. If you can bring back Command-T, why can't we bring back extend? After all, isn't it all about the users?

Incidentally, the split by line tool is a fabulous addition to the program.


Brooks Howell

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The trim tool was brought back because enough user's requested it be brought back.

I will add this to the wish list adding there are several users that miss the extend tool.

In order to better aide users such as yourself, what did you use the Extend Tool for that you cannot use the Connect/Combine Tool for?

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The former extend tool worked (in mode button 2) exactly like AutoCAD's extend tool, which allows you to pick a line, and extend multiple lines to said picked line. Mode button one required you to pick each line EVERY time you wanted to extend to a line. I might have used mode button one a couple of dozen times in the last 7 years that I have used the program, while mode two was used with reasonable frequency.

In VW9 the extend connect tool only seems to work in the same way as the tool that I never used before, picking each line every time.

With all due respect, your CTO vehemently defended the decision to change the extend tool in prior discussions. He of course does not use the program day in and day out to draw. Most of us are AutoCAD refugees, and in transition to MC/VW used the extend tool to orient ourselves in the program. Removing this function is one way of alienating future users, as well as aggravating those of us who have used a program a certain way for the last seven years. Ironically, the trim tool (palatte tool) has changed also in VW 9.5, so that it no longer works in the way that it used to. (just like AutoCAD). Is this an 'improvement'?

Maybe if the change in the extend tool had something to do with a major structural improvement in the program (such as the introduction of the resource palatte years ago) it would make more sense. It is a simple line editing tool, though. Nothing more.

Brooks Howell

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Brooks, thank you for your well stated argument in favor of the return of the Extend tool. I couldn't have said it better myself!

As for me, I'm not an AutoCad refugee (although I've spoken with others who are about the Extend command), I am one who has been using the program in a certain way for several years now and the Extend command was part of my regular repertoire. The old adage "why fix it if it ain't broken" seems to fit well here. The Extend command was very functional because you could extend multiple lines within a given command, where you must now click and drag each line individually to the desired location. It's quite useful for setting up layout lines and grids and expanding those grid lines once they are established.

I would vote to return it to the next version of the program. Shall we put it to a forum-wide vote?

Jeff Fornuto

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