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  1. Interestingly enough, I never had the problem in 9.5.2 on OS 9, but now have the problem in OS X running 10.0.1. all arc's and circles do not render properly, along with some text. When I print to postscript file, and then drag and drop to distiller 5.0 (a royal pain in OS x, since distiller must run in OS 9 classic) everything comes out fine. The quality setting in the page setup options box seems to have some effect, as setting the print quality to 72 dpi causes the distortion to get worse. Make sure the 'Hi-resolution printing' check box is checked and your resolution is not set to 72 dpi. Brooks
  2. I too would love to see this implemented or found, if it already exists. Thanks, Brooks Howell
  3. I concur. This is not consistant with other programs. Please return this to the prior method of selecting, or make a separate key for deselections. Adobe Photoshop is a good model for this. Brooks Howell
  4. The former extend tool worked (in mode button 2) exactly like AutoCAD's extend tool, which allows you to pick a line, and extend multiple lines to said picked line. Mode button one required you to pick each line EVERY time you wanted to extend to a line. I might have used mode button one a couple of dozen times in the last 7 years that I have used the program, while mode two was used with reasonable frequency. In VW9 the extend connect tool only seems to work in the same way as the tool that I never used before, picking each line every time. With all due respect, your CTO vehemently defended the decision to change the extend tool in prior discussions. He of course does not use the program day in and day out to draw. Most of us are AutoCAD refugees, and in transition to MC/VW used the extend tool to orient ourselves in the program. Removing this function is one way of alienating future users, as well as aggravating those of us who have used a program a certain way for the last seven years. Ironically, the trim tool (palatte tool) has changed also in VW 9.5, so that it no longer works in the way that it used to. (just like AutoCAD). Is this an 'improvement'? Maybe if the change in the extend tool had something to do with a major structural improvement in the program (such as the introduction of the resource palatte years ago) it would make more sense. It is a simple line editing tool, though. Nothing more. Brooks Howell
  5. Katie- A search through the archives shows that this has been a very hot topic, with users asking for a return of the 'extend' tool, and VW trying to explain why they removed it. I personally did not use this tool very much, but many in my office did, and we continue to believe that you should partially bring back the extend tool (the second mode button in the VW 8.5 extend tool) as a part of the connect/combine tool. After using VW 9.5 for a few weeks now, I'm on a bit of a tear about some of the features that have disappeared in VW 9, that have been around for many releases prior. If you can bring back Command-T, why can't we bring back extend? After all, isn't it all about the users? Incidentally, the split by line tool is a fabulous addition to the program. Thanks, Brooks Howell
  6. VW Architect 9.5 macG4/867 Sorry if this is a repeat, but a quick search for this problem returned no results The offset tool in VW 9.5 is now set to reset to the pointer with a double click. The result of this is that I can now only offset one line once every five seconds or so. This is very inconvienient, especially when I am offsetting large numbers of lines (to make a pattern). The tool keeps resetting on me. Please bring back the old offset tool (which I have used since MC5). The new one is not an 'improvement' if I stop using it, which is what is happening. Most people in my office (30 licenses) agree. Thank you, Brooks Howell
  7. Ok, this is probably a feature that most users either don't use, or don't know about, but.... In 8.5.2 and all previous versions, one could set a temporary guideline by simply dragging the pointer back and forth over a single point. The coordinates in the top bar would change from the world coordinates to x=0, y=0, etc. By tabbing through the upper coordinates, one could set the temporary guideline to, for example, 4" when inserting a door symbol into a wall. Please reintroduce this feature into the program (or tell me where it has moved). I've used the program since MiniCAD 5, and have become accustomed to that adding of features over the years, including the introduction of the resource palatte. In general, though, after a couple of days on VW9, I'm displeased with the removal of several key features that I have become accustomed to. Yes, the trim tool was confusing in 5-6-7-8, but I am satisfied to hear that the command-T is being reintroduced, as I used it often. I also welcome the introduction of the break line tool in VW9. I would, however, like to see the old extend tool come back (echoing others). Regards, Brooks Howell
  8. Thanks (sheepishly)- Thought I had checked that already and it was not checked in the preferences box. regards Brooks Howell
  9. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I used the commant-T tool constantly and miss it tremendously in VWA 9. I'm glad to hear that it is coming back. soooo... is there any idea of a release date? Brooks Howell
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