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Custom Renderworks Lack of Detail


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Hi All,

Please see the attached screen shot. The image was done w/:

1. CRW

2. 2 point lights

3. Curve detail tried both high & low

4. Ray traced shadows

5. No Auto exposure

6. No Final Gather

7. At 300 & 600 dpi

What do I need to adjust to get the fascia/soffit detail to read correctly rather than the blurred jagged mess I am getting.

Thanks, J

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When displaying the camera view in the DL I select dpi of 300. The result is jagged in the DL. When I export the image as a .png/.tiff I choose 300 dpi and get a jagged image as well. When I create a SLVP of the rendered image the result is still jagged. I have changed the Sheet Layer to 300 dpi & attempted to render the image where i get the spinning clock (not even the beachball anymore) and ultimately abandon the render after 30 minutes.

I did not use the batch render option. The screen shot at 72 dpi, is just slightly worse than the image I get on screen per the methods above? This is very frustrating.

Are there some tried & true CRW settings that work for a simple exterior rendering like I am trying to produce? TY J

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