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Couple of queries - gridlines and bug with dimensions

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I am having a little issue with grid lines which should be quite simple but seems to have no obvious solution.

In VW Fundamentals 2010 when I create a new document I automatically get grid lines on the first layer. How do I turn this off. In VW Architect there is an option under file - document settings but the option doesn't seem to be available in Fundamentals? Is there an alternative way?

Second.. both myself (running VW Fundamentals 2010) and a colleague (running VW Architect 2010) have a bug with the dimensions tool. When we are creating single dimensions intermittently the dimension will create itself perpendicular to the length we have chosen, but with the same selection points (giving us a 0 value). Is anyone else experiencing this? This didn't used to happen in previous versions?

Any help would be appreciated and apologies if this has been already brought up in previous topics. Please point in direction is so.


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Create a new document and turn off the grid lines and set any other document preferences you prefer. In the File menu choose "Save As Template" to the template folder in your user folder here:

Windows XP:

C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Nemetschek\Vectorworks\2010\*

Windows Vista:



/Users//Library/Application Support/Vectorworks/2010/*


Now create a new document and in the Create Document dialog choose "Use document template" and scroll down to your template. It will now be the default new document.

The dimension problem is a known bug that happens to me every once in a while. NNA has not been able to reproduce it to fix.

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