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Matt Panzer

ClipPad 2010 (beta) Vectorworks Plug-in available for FREE

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PanzerCAD is proud to announce it's latest Vectorworks Plug-in "ClipPad"!

ClipPad is a multiple clipboard utility (and then some) for Vectorworks.

Clippings Features:

? Can be created from a reference point.

? Can be placed in place (original location), from a user selected reference point, or centered in the view.

? Selected objects in a drawing can be merged with an existing clipping

? Can be created from contents of the operating system's clipboard

? Can be copied into the operating system's clipboard

? The contents of a clipping can be swapped with the operating system's clipboard


? Clippings are symbol based and can only contain objects that symbols can contain.

? You cannot place viewports into clippings

? Clippings are document specific and stay with the document they're created in (we may look into a global clippings feature).

Beta Notice: This software is in beta. Please let me know any problems, comments, or suggestions you may have.

Download here: ClipPad Beta Page

I hope you enjoy it!

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ClipPad Now Updated to Beta 5:

What's New:

? Removed the "Swap" feature that allowed swapping of the system clipboard with a ClipPad clipping.

While the feature works fine, we thought it was too easy for user to inadvertently replace a clipping's contents with the contents of the system clipboard.

? Bug Fix: Fixed a possible crash when deleting a clipping when only one clipping exists in the document.

For More Information, Visit:

PanzerCAD ClipPad

Edited by Matt Panzer

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So What exactly is ClipPad and what can it do?

Find out in our new ClipPad Overview Video:

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ClipPad Beta 7 Released:

Beta 7 Notes:

? Removed the System Clipboard feature altogether. While it was an interesting idea, it was causing more problems than it's worth.

? This beta has a reworking of how clippings are pasted. Since clippings are symbol based, 2D only objects would not be pasted in 3D views, and 3D only objects would not be pasted in the Top Plan (2D) view. While this is the intended behavior for symbols, it is not desired for clippings. This beta now pastes BOTH 2D and 3D objects. Note: If you're in Unified View and have the "Display Screen Objects" preference turned off, when pasting a clipping contains any 2D only objects, the view will be changed to "Top Plan". This is to make those objects visible.

For More Information, and to download, visit:

PanzerCAD ClipPad PanzerCAD ClipPad

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