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How can I get more control over text size?

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I'm working on some 2D schematics in VectorWorks 2009. I cannot find a way to precisely control the size of text that I insert. I need to be able to specify the exact height of the text in inches, and have the size of the text on the screen reflect that.

Never mind adjusting the point size in the object info palette. If the giant in Jack and the Beanstalk had a computer, his "10 point" text would display just like it does for me in the design layer - with letters that are nearly 5 inches high in the drawing. I'm trying to label a symbol that is about 1" across, with text that takes up about the same width, and will print at about 1/16" of an inch in height.

If I go to Text > Size > Set Size, select "Page inches" and enter a value of 0.0625 (1/16) into the "Size" field, the text defaults to "5 point" size, as reflected in the object info palette. The resulting text dwarfs the one-inch-wide symbol to the point that it looks like... punctuation.

I have chosen to draw these schematics at roughly the same scale to which I hope to plot them. I don't need annotative text - I need text that displays at exactly the height that I assign to it. I can't find anything in the VectorWorks manual on setting the text size that doesn't refer to the "Set Size" dialog box or simply adjusting the point size in the properties.

There's got to be a way to do this. Am I missing something that is staring me right in the face here?

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Because the text needs to be part of the symbol, and to always display at the same size in relation to the rest of the symbol. I don't think I can have the text tied both to the sheet layer and to the symbol.

I guess I could just draw the entire schematic on the sheet layer. But this seems like a goofy, roundabout method, when all I want to do is draw a simple 2D diagram.

Plus, I need to be able to display the schematic at different scales in the viewports, but have the text always remain the same size in relation to other objects in the drawing.

Surely there's a way to set the actual size of the text, in hard measurements, and not just have it default to an annotative point size... or is there?

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If this text is not going to change, this is the method I use to do traffic sign leyends.

1. Size the text to an approximate height.

2. Change the text to polyline.

3. If needed, adjust the horizontal spacing.

3. Scale each letter or entire word to the exact height. The scale can be set = the height desired / height in the OIP.

4. Apply a black fill to the polylines.

If the text will change, then you will only be able to approximate the height by sizing the text between two parallel lines set at the desired height.

The reason you cannot size it exactly is because this is a function of the operating system. VW uses system calls to draw the text which are typically declared in points.

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I feel your pain Vodsonic. There are some previous posts already that discuss this text issue. I have a similar problem with text. Currently there is no good way to normalize text size in a viewport on a sheet layer where the scale of the viewport is different than the design layer the text was drawn on. Now there is a function in the "advanced properties" for viewports that lets you rescale text and other items in the selected view port, but not all text will maintain it's position properly. Callouts are the biggest issue but I'm not sure about text in a symbol. You may get lucky. But again, it's a viewport wide change. I end up drawing on layers according to what scales I will need to display on a sheet. This of course means that if you want to show the same thing at different scales you need to copy it to different layers with the right scales and adjust your text to the right size and position. This is a hugh pain if you ever have to update it.

It would be nice if there was an automated setting you could turn on that would ensure all text in a sheet layer viewport displayed at the same size it was drawn as in the design layer.

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