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Cannot print directly from Vectorworks 2009



My office had Vectorworks 11.5 and recently (finally) decided to upgrade. We had no problems printing directly from VW 11.5 to our HP Laserjet 5000N (approx. 10 years old). Now we cannot print VW 2009 files to the printer. We can, however, print to our plotter. I just finished updating our driver, and I still cannot print from VW 2009. Every time I try, the printer shows:


The VW file size is 3.9 MB.

Any solutions or suggestions?

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I have discovered another clue in the puzzle:

New files are no problem printing. Files that were converted from VW 11.5 or in which I brought in text via copy/paste from an older file will not print. Even if I delete the text and start over with new text boxes, the file won't print. Any ideas?

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I would rather not export as PDF every time I need to print; that just adds an unnecessary step that will add time to my work.

I will try disabling quartz, but I just tried creating an entirely new VW 2009 file of our titleblock without copying any text from an older file, and I'm still getting the error 79.00 FE message. Any other ideas?


Another potentially helpful clue:

When I select "print" within VectorWorks 2009, and open the pull-down menu where copies & pages is, there is one option that is crossed out: "AdobePDFPDE" and when I select it, this explanation comes up:

"This panel is not compatible with your computer. Contact the printer manufacturer for the latest version of your printer software."

and below that:

"Adobe PDF 6.0.0 Copyright 2003 Adobe Systems Inc. All rights reserved."

That menu was not available in VectorWorks 11.5. I'm not sure what it means.

I just updated our printer driver via the link provided in an email from an HP person a few days ago.


When I change all of the Helvetica from bold to regular, the file prints fine. In fact, any bold font causes the printer to show "Error 79.00FE", and when I have no bold font, the file prints. In my fontbook application, it says that my Helvetica bold works fine. So, what's going on?

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