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object combine tool 2009

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recently we bought VW 2009.

Got a little problem with the object combine tool. It is much slower in 2009 then 12. Often it doesn't work with poly's and especially when they are on top of each other. Sometimes I even have to strech lines first to each other before they can be combined.

Is this because 2009 reads everything more precise. This is most the point with imported .dwg files, and I use this tool the most with the imported.

I've got this problem with more tools,, especially with big files. Files get bigger then in 12, and with purge they get even bigger.

Further the panning is also slow, also here I think its about that it has to read more, helped putting all the highlights off.

Luckly I got Ctrl+s in my fingers wirh all the colapsing.

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The problem goes further.

the same file takes a few seconds to open in 12 and about half a minute 2009. Same sheetlayer I made a pdf from is like 2,4 mb in 12 and about 46mb in 2009. Only diference is I used i little opacity in 2009. But this can't be it to do this huge difference.

Is it that 2009 is so much heavier or is it something with the references.

Well I tried to make the 2009 pdf without the opacity, that is making the difference. It gets like 3,2 mb. And that for only a few trees. With the opacity I also made a rastarized one and that went to 10mb, this is weird, because a flat image doesn't see opacity.

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I think I know now what does the differnece with combining and composing between 12 and 2009. In 2009 there is new snapping and finding the vertexes. I think it is in 2009 more precise when I move the vertex with snap to endpoint it will compose and it will combine. In 12 it doesn't read that precise and will be easier to combine or compose. If it is good or not it depends on the drawing.

For the drawing I'm working at the moment it's a bit frustrated because it's a big imported dwg of a city that needs alot of composing. So I took it back to 12, and there it goes more smoothly

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i have always had problems combining/adding surfaces/objects, i find you have to slightly nudge things around to get them to join, although sometimes it just wont do it, and other times it adds them together but changes the shape altogether or cuts a chunk off.

i have to use this function quite a lot and it really gets to me that a simple thing like adding 2 objects together can be such a pain!

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