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Window graphic attributes


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In 2D, how do you make a window appear with a different (say darker) fill for the cut parts (eg jamb, sash) and lighter fill for the rest (eg the sill below)....as per graphic convention? With a door it's straightforward--the fill attribute appears for the leaf and the jamb/trim, and everything else not. With a window everything (jamb, trim, sash, sill etc) gets that fill.

As far as I can tell, differentiating parts via Window Settings/View/Special Classes only affects rendering and 3D, not 2D projections.

And parenthetically I don't understand the purpose of the Sills class, which is created automatically with doors and windows.

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Guest Wes Gardner

The Attributes Palette for doors and windows should be set up thus:

? Fill Style-by Class,

? Fill Color-by Class,

? Pen Style-SOLID (NOT by Class),

? Pen Color-by Class

? Thickness (Line Weight)-NOT by Class

? These settings will allow the line weight set up in ?Use Part Line Styles? dialog to show correctly in sheet layers ? don?t forget to bump up ?Wall Lines? line weight for RCP (Controlled by Ceiling-Main Class). The ?Sills? class can turn off the door swing for RCP?s

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