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Hans Jakob M?ller

Parasolid advantage?

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I'm failing to see any improvements to rendering, 3D accuracy or stability in VW2009. A smoothed mesh will still not receive light other than ambient, all highligting must be turned off when working with meshes, else annoying fuzzy, flashing black and orange lines are drawn at all edges, making OpenGL exremely slow and uninteractive. Meshes can not be made larger than in previous versions and large meshes still causes blank renders(all white screen in OpenGL,checkerboard in Renderworks and all black in render bitmap)frequent crashes when rendering and crashes every time when trying to perform a boolean operation between a mesh and a solid. I see no reason to update to VW2009 before this is fixed. It's a bit of a dilemma, because I'v built many large terrain models in previous versions and with satisfied customers. Now it seems as if VW is no longer the right tool for the job. Are there other progams within the Nemetschek system that are better suited for large terrain models?

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It sounds to me like all your problems are centering around OpenGL?

OpenGL is implemented within the graphics card. It may be worth making sure that the drivers for the graphics card are up to date and possibly consider a newer card if the graphics card is more than a couple of generations old - VW2009 has additional requirements of the graphics card and it is possible that these have taken it past what the card, or drivers are capable of.

It would be sensible to list your hardware so others may comment.

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My graphics card is Quadro FX 1700 with 512 MB video ram.

My processor is 2 x quad core Xeon E5410 2.33GHz which should be reasonably up to date. I'll look for newer drivers for the graphics card. Nemetschek recommends the older version of QuickTime that comes with the instalation disk rather than the newest. I have never had any problems with this in earlier versions of VW.

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