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Couple of strange bugs have popped up in 12.5

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I'm on a Mac, Leopard 10.5.5, 4GB Ram, 2x2.66 Ghz Dual-Core, etc, etc...

2 issues have come up recently both related to texture mapping/rendering.

1) The Translucency setting has been giving me undesirable results. For back-lit surfaces with Translucency applied, I get a rendered stipple effect in the shading of the translucent object that looks really grainy in Final Quality Renderworks mode. This seems to go away when I switch to Custom Renderworks with the Shadow Mapping instead of Ray Traced Shadows, but I haven't had to do that before.

2) When editing a NURBS surface in the Mapping dialog box, the changes I make won't take effect and it actually won't let me close the Mapping dialog box when I click "OK". The workaround I've discovered is to edit the mapping within the Render section of the Obj Info palette, rather than clicking on "Mapping" and opening that dialog box. Strange, right?

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Hello Graham:

1) Try setting the texture to not cast shadows. Due to some surfaces being double-sided you can get undesirable results when the one side shadows the other.

2) Is a field in the Edit Mapping dialog selected when it won't close - i.e. is a bad numeric value entered in one of the number fields for radius, rotation, etc.?

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Thank you, Dave!

1) You were right, turning off the "Receive" shadows gave me the result I wanted. (The "Cast" shadow turned off didn't keep the light inside my object) Also, it seems like the "stippled/grainy" shadow effect happens more when the light source is either very close to the object, or hitting the object at a severe angle... which is probably why I hadn't had this problem before.

2) Yes, whichever the last field I edit DOES remain selected when I try to click "OK". However, the actual numeric values don't seem to be the problem since I can still apply the same numeric values directly in the Obj Info/Render palette and get the desired result. This is only giving me problem from the Edit Mapping dialog. Another observation: this seems to be happening to Objects that were Extruded Polyine>NURBS>Solid Subtraction. In this specific case, a curving Polyline extruded to 15', then converted to NURBS, then another extruded object Subtracted from it.... then a texture applied.

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