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Ceiling grid tool

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In previous versions of Architect, the Ceiling Grid tool was wonderful. Put in the grid... use the OI fields to fine tune the grid start point... perfect.

In 2008, those OI fields aren't there. There's no easy way to adjust the start point of the grid. The Ceiling Grid Tool places the start point (which is the intersection of grid lines) in the center of the space. However, 99 percent of the time, the center point of the space equals the center of a ceiling tile due to lighting layout.

Anyway, in previous versions, I put in my grid and with the OI fields, I simply would add 1/2 the dimension of the tile to each field and the grid would be set.

Now, with no fields to make these types of adjustments, I have to either place Loci or draw lines and Move / Offset to get the same result.

There may be something I'm missing... I sure hope so... Because not being able to quickly adjust the start point and having to perform 5 or 6 tasks makes the current Ceiling Grid Tool useless.

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I reverted to 12.5.3 to do my ceiling grids... opened the document in 2008 and surprise, the fields are there to adjust the start point.

but still no fields if i create a new grid in that document... or if I paste the grid into another document.

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With a Ceiling Grid object selected, you can adjust the origin by grabbing the (only) smart point and moving it as desired. Don't double-click or you'll edit the polygon vertexes. Is that what you're after?

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Reopening the discussion.

I find it much more useful to be able to enter the distance I want the start point to move rather than grabbing. Moving from 12.5 to 2008 has made me wonder why that nice functionality is gone. Is it hiding?

And, as long as I am asking, is there anyway to convert a polygon into a ceiling grid?

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Answering my own second question in case someone else is wondering:


Convert Objects from Polyline

Pop up window for Ceiling grid.

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