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Looking for an irregular flagstone hatch.

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Thanks RonMan,

I have found that the hatch editor (aside from needing a PHD in Astrophysics)is quite cumbersome and limited to simple geometric shapes and lines. I guess I am just use to Illustrators hatch tool where you create a shape in a box and presto a hatch. However I can get used to textures for this issue. However it would be nice to have a true hatch for this that way my irregular bluestone and patterned bluestone would look like they were rendered the same. If I find a solution (or an Astrophysics Professor) I will post my results on the board.

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If the scale isn't to big, you can make one yourself quite quick.

-draw a rectangle

-draw some flagstone shapes in that rectangle

-when a shape gets outside the rectangle, you need to copy that one and move it to the other side of the rectangle (move it the same length as the dimension of the rectangle)

for example:


-trim all the lines outside of the rectangle

-select all the lines and the rectange

-got to Architecture->Make Hatch (or something like that, i have the Dutch version, so i have no idea what the translation is)

It took me less then ten minutes to make this hatch.

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Maybe its just me or maybe its a monday but I do not seem to be able to find Make Hatch. I did however find the tile tool and it seems to have what I am looking for. dose anyone have any insight on this, how to create a hatch or tile from what maarten is describing?

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Here are 6 stone hatch patterns that originally came from Eldorado Stone as DWG hatch patterns. They are intended for building elevations but some work well as plan view hatches.

BTW: The "Make Hatch" command in the Dutch version of VectorWorks does not exit in the US version. It must be an add on that the Dutch distributor provides. It would be very useful for creating complex hatches like these. The hatch maarten created with that tool had 300+ levels as do most of the hatches in the attached file.

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The hatch maarten created with that tool had 300+ levels as do most of the hatches in the attached file.

That's true, the tool creates a lot of linelayers.

But you can also make those kind of "complex" hatches from scratch, and then you'll have less. I've created 2 new ones, this time with less then 60 linelayers.

I wish I could explain how i created them, it really isn't that difficult ones you got the hang of it. But I have no idea how to say it :crazy:

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Thanks all for your help on this conundrum, I am finding it quite peculiar that there are so many different varieties or say flavored add ons to different versions throughout the world, Its almost like NA dose not talk to the other distributors. Kind of peculiar. Oh well this would be a great addition (just need to have it in English, my grandmother was Dutch I could have had her translate but she's no longer with us, kind of makes it tough, maybe Vectorworks could handle that for us in the near future. Once again thanks to all on your input.

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I made a little movie to show you the logic behind making these kind of hatches from scratch, cause it really isn't that difficult, it just takes some time because it's so difficult and time consuming to navigate in that Hatch Editor, but the principle is quite simple.

Here you can see the video, you need Flash (or something like that, i use SWF&FLV Player) to watch it.

To make it not to difficult for yourself, keep away from the right section of the Editor. The only thing you may change is the Line Length Factor (it's best to keep that factor to round numbers, and only use 1 in the same stone (you can double or half that number to make it fit with the last line though. You can also double of half them during the make of a stone, but don't do it to much, you'll see that it will get harder to make it all fit in the end.))

And as you can see, i made some mistakes here and there, but you notice it quite quickly and can correct them (as i did) :) .

Ones you created one stone, you can start on the next one. Repeat that until you fill up all the spaces.

Also, when you don't want to have those "tile" pattern (cause hatches repeat their lines and you get that typical "tile" pattern), you can let bigger stones repeat themselves with a factor twice as big as the little stones... If you want to know how to do that, just say so and i'll make an other video :) .

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wow that actually really cleared up the hatch editor for me. Now it makes a little more sense, I will definitely play with it and send you my results soon. once again thanks for the help, its been great to get help from all of you on this matter.

PS great movie I just wish I would have had some popcorn. You've got my vote for best documentary!

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