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Class Attributes in Sheet Layer Viewports


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We are having an issue with some items not taking on the opacity override of the -viewport- class. We verified that each item which is not being effected is on the class it needs to be on.

It feels like it has something to do with groups or items not being on the right class or using class attributes when the viewport was created.

UPDATE:: Turns out the items that were not doing as we wished, will do as we wish if we make them a symbol.

This reminds me of the other -impossible to track down- glitch we ran up against. When exporting pdfs and dwgs we found that many of them would just vanish into the ether with no rhyme nor reason. Turns out the folders we were saving them into had backslashes in the names (like Project 11/14/07). Now before you tell me this is computers 101, let me assure you that this was not an issue with earlier versions of VW.

Frustrating and weird.

VW2008 Architect


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