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The 'numbering' system needs an option for letter in lieu of the numbers, and an option of adding a prefix to the numbers so that you can have something like T1, T2, etc.

There needs to be an option for including the headings/categories as part of the general note, or as the General Note title, so you can have different general note objects for different things.

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Further aspects of the Keynotes/General Notes data. It is a Big Problem to get keynotes for different subjects on the same sheet with the current keynotes system. Case in point: a combined plumbing (sanitary & waste), HVAC and Electrical plan (MEP plan) or some combination thereof.

The problem is partially mitigated when the Keynotes are applied at the design layer level - e.g. Sanitary Sewer/Waste keynotes on the Sanitary Sewer/Waste design layer, Domestic Water on that design layer, etc. and then combine them in the sheet viewport(s). The keynotes "stick" with the design layer and for just those Keynotes distinct note blocks are created.

However when trying to use two or more viewports on a sheet and trying to apply either keynotes or General Notes in the correct categories to the respective viewports the Key/General Notes stubbornly are added to the same keynotes block. Removing some potential flexibility from appropriate sheet composition for smaller projects or combined large scale plans for larger projects.

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It also needs to allow for sharing of keynotes across multiple sheet of the same type (demolition, construction, RCP, elevations, etc.) so that you can have the same number apply to the same not on more than one sheet.

One option would be to have the ability to place a legend with all of the keynotes of a certain type (read sheet type) independent of the creation of the keynotes themselves.

Another option would be to have the ability to generate a keynote legend based on the keynotes on a sheet layer (including those placed as annotations.)

As it currently exists, the Notes Manager just doesn't work for me. I'm using the callout tool to create the keynote numbers and arrows, manually editing a block of text for the notes, and then creating viewports on each drawing sheet.

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