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Creating Classes for Items within Site Model


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When I create a Site Model I would like to be able to assign the Major and Minor Contours to seperate classes. How can I do this?

My end goal is to be able to show my site model in plan view with the Major Contours and Hull Visible and in Elevation or Section to have Major and Minor Contours Visible with Hull invisible.

I know I can do this by copying or exploding my Site Model but I need it to remain Live.

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I don't think you can do this and have it stay live with classes.

That being said, you could achieve that functionality with a Site Model and a Site Model Snapshot. These could be classed or on different layers.

First set the site model to one of the display parameter (eg minor contours no lineweight) and create a snapshot. That snapshot will update with the Site Model but retain the settings in place at the time the snapshot is created.

After the snapshot is created select the Site Model and set the graphic properties to what ever you would normally use.

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