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Pdf exporting font problem


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Thoeb - You problem may be different. What font are you using? Did you have this problem in Tiger as well?

Zbus -

On your PC, turn off GDI imaging (VectorWorks Preferences) and see if the same problem occurs

On the MAC, turn off Quartz imaging (same place) and see if the problem occurs.

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zbus -

Are you getting the problem when opening the PDF, or when printing the PDF?

Just to make sure, are you using the File > Export > Export PDF or the print to pdf option in the print dialog?

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pdf on monitor screen is readable but have some unusual spacings (double space instead of 1 or bold on random characters). However, turns completely to unreadable characters when print off from the pdf file. And yes I do use "export/pdf".

I dont know if this helps but I went to test on one old machine which has Acrobat 6 installed instead of newer version and printing from it will produce readable font but all the drawing color turned to black.

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yes, i had the same problem in tiger. i use the book antiqua font mostly, but occasionally it defaults to arial. like i said in an earlier post (under a different screenname), i am getting the double spaced font characters with symbols in front of each line of text (ie, a lowercase y with a horizontal colon over it, followed by a lowercase b with the bottom extended). i always use the export pdf feature within vectorworks.

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VW12.5 on Windows XP (SP2)

FYI, FWIW, When I export from VW to DWG, my Arial Black fonts are substituted to some other font (on my computer), except that some random letters within a word remain Arial Black, especially Fs and Xs. In PDF exports the same text has the correct font. VW has had problems selecting the correct font from the Windows font folder for several years. But I have only recently noticed the font problems when exporting to DWG.

This is not a serious problem for me personally. But in the eyes of my consultants, it just confirms their prejudice that VW is an inferior product.

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Im using adobe acrobat 8 on both pc and mac at work and home. You cant say its another program problem when double spacing and random bold character appeared on the pdf/exort on monitor screen and unreadable when printing. Considering pdf is the most popular format for professional printing, I would say this a serious problem and a lot of other people having this problem too as I read other forum threads.

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I'm getting conflicting information from you. I'm trying to understand the issue. If you can be as specific as possible, this will eliminate the confusion. I am trying to help you out here.

I asked if it looked okay on the screen but printed goofy, and you said it looked fine on the screen, but printed goofy. Now I see you posting a different response.

Please answer these questions as accurately as possible.

Does the plan look normal in Adobe Acrobat 8?

Does the plan look normal in Adobe Acrobat 6?

What exactly is the problem when viewing the PDF?

What exactly is the problem when printing from Adobe?

Is what you see in the print different from what you see on the screen?

If so, what specifically is different about it?

Are you having this problem when exporting to a PDF on a mac or PC?

What OS are you using?

Are you creating the PDF on one computer and opening/printing from another computer (or OS)?

Posting the PDF would help tremendously, too.

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I dont see anywhere in my previous posts saying pdf looks fine on monitor screen. But anyway, here is the detail:

1/ Testing on both Mac and PC

2/ Yes, do using "export/pdf" option then print off from the pdf file.

3/ Using Adobe Acrobat 8 Pro on both platforms

A. Viewing pdf on monitor screen:

*Font is readable but appears random double spacing or random bold and cap characters. This is again, readable but impossible to delivery to the client.

B. Printing from pdf file:

*All the font is unreadable with strange characters

4/ Testing on an old machine with Acrobat 6 installed:

A. On monitor screen:

*Same problem as version 8, random spacing, bold or cap characters.

B. Printing from pdf file:

* Font appears to be ok with correct cap, spacing but all the colors in the drawing turn to black. For example: green tree --> black tree.

5/ Tested on both home printer and different printer at work.

Hope this help.

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In my experience VW's pdf export converter does not embed fonts. I use PDF995, available on the web, which has an option to embed fonts. I can work around this with my print services by sending them the fonts that I use, which makes it possible to use the VW converter. But I also find that VW pdfs are larger files, and won't reduce using Acrobat's Reduce File Size command. So with the VW conversion yesterday I had a 7.9 MB file from VW pdf that couldn't be reduced, and by contrast a 6.5 MB file from PDF995 that was ultimately reduced to 112 KB.

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We have a PDF problem too. If I export with VW 2008 and send it to contractors they are unable to open it. They get a message"Font not Recognized" If I cinvert to VW 12.5.2 and do a PDF then it opens with them.

And I stll cannot Import or Export from/to dwg with VW 2008. The moment I click Export it is just a white flash and bang and nothing, on import even if I go to all your Tech Tips and the lot then the dimensions is a large mess.

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