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  1. I dont see anywhere in my previous posts saying pdf looks fine on monitor screen. But anyway, here is the detail: 1/ Testing on both Mac and PC 2/ Yes, do using "export/pdf" option then print off from the pdf file. 3/ Using Adobe Acrobat 8 Pro on both platforms A. Viewing pdf on monitor screen: *Font is readable but appears random double spacing or random bold and cap characters. This is again, readable but impossible to delivery to the client. B. Printing from pdf file: *All the font is unreadable with strange characters 4/ Testing on an old machine with Acrobat 6 installed: A. On monitor screen: *Same problem as version 8, random spacing, bold or cap characters. B. Printing from pdf file: * Font appears to be ok with correct cap, spacing but all the colors in the drawing turn to black. For example: green tree --> black tree. 5/ Tested on both home printer and different printer at work. Hope this help.
  2. Im using adobe acrobat 8 on both pc and mac at work and home. You cant say its another program problem when double spacing and random bold character appeared on the pdf/exort on monitor screen and unreadable when printing. Considering pdf is the most popular format for professional printing, I would say this a serious problem and a lot of other people having this problem too as I read other forum threads.
  3. pdf on monitor screen is readable but have some unusual spacings (double space instead of 1 or bold on random characters). However, turns completely to unreadable characters when print off from the pdf file. And yes I do use "export/pdf". I dont know if this helps but I went to test on one old machine which has Acrobat 6 installed instead of newer version and printing from it will produce readable font but all the drawing color turned to black.
  4. Nope, tested today with your setting on both Mac and PC then print off from pdf gave no solution. Changing to another font works fine. Its sad to see such a commercial popular font, especially on Mac like Myriad has such a problem.
  5. Both PC at home and Mac at work have the same problem.
  6. I used Myriad Pro as the font in vectorworks but after export the drawing to pdf, all the font changes to some crazy, weird, unreadable characters. Can someone please tell me how to fix it or what is the cause of it ? Thanks VW2008
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