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Adjust flipped text and viewports

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How do I avoid this behavior? The first image shows how a WGR looks in the design layer of one of our drawings. When creating a viewport of this information, the text rotates incorrectly. I have adjust flipped text On. When I turn it Off, the text shows correctly.

Why does the text show one way in the design layer and another in the viewport?

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Some image hosting websites do not permit links outside their network.

To post an image, use the Edit button and add an image using the controls at the bottom.

Or, when first creating the message, use the reply button in the previous post rather than the quick reply.

In the Announcements section of the message board is a review of message board features, including a step-by-step of including images in posts.

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No way for me to know for sure. This is probably a copy of a file that predates my employment here, as it follows the State's format for title blocks.

Will deleting and re-doing the text work? I added test text (without deleting others) and got the same results.

Start over with a blank file?

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