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More RAM?

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I sometimes have lots of trouble cutting viewport sections. (Failures and/or excessive time (compared to what I know it can do time-wise)). Also,

When working in elevation viewports of a somewhat sizable and complex building, there tends to be a hesitation that is most noticeable with moving about, zooming in and out, and so on.

Are either or both of these thing likely to be helped by increasing my RAM? Thought I'd ask before spending the money...

I'm assuming (please correct me if I'm wrong) that because I have the original video card that came with my Mac that its drivers are kept up to date as long as I download and install the updates that my Mac periodically finds for itself...

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Will

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I noticed there are duplicate postings here and the General Discussion forum.

I recommend not posting duplicate posts because generally the major forums are read by the bulk of the users, and it's hard to manage identical posts.

Would you prefer this post or the one to the General Discussion removed?

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More ram certainly helps lots of 3D RenderWorks refreshes in VW. My Macs (Dual G5, 8GB and intel PB-Pro, 4GB) are loaded to the hilt and do renderings of complex buildings fast enough I can do Final (customized) Renderworks in meetings, keep the client's/ planning commission's attention, and twirl the ideas around for discussion.

I don't know if the Apple downloads update firmware on the Apple supplied video card(s). Maybe we'd both better check oout the Apple knowledge base.

I hope this helps you.

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Thanks for the responses. I'll probably go ahead and get more RAM; certainly won't be bad for the computer! And if it makes a noticeable difference then, of course, it wouldn't be bad for the wallet either...

I'll go to the NVIDIA website and see what I can find regarding updating my video driver.

Thanks! -Will

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