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Custom selection (How do I do this?)

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I would like to select all of the window PIOs that have an overall width of 7'6".

I go to the custom selection command in the Tool menu, choose "select only" and "create script". Then in the criteria selection dialogue, I choose "field value" and enter a value of 7'6".

When I run the script, it barfs with an error of expecting right parentheses. Most likely it is the quotation marks in the dimension that is confusing the parser.

DSelectAll; SelectObj(INSYMBOL & ('Window'.'OverallWidth'=7'6"));

If I do 90" it still barfs, and if I stick Num2Str in like this:

DSelectAll; SelectObj(INSYMBOL & ('Window'.'OverallWidth'= Num2Str(7'6")));

It still barfs.

If I just do 90 without feet and inch marks, the script runs without selecting anything.

This there any way to do a quick custom selection like this?


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That's beside the point. What if I had a bunch of walls each with one window in them?

And now I'm pretty sure you CAN select more than one object in a wall with SelectObj (but the OIP will not reflect this). I was pleasantly surprised to notice this.


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I think field values are returned in feet only, with no unit mark, try this:

DSelectAll; SelectObj(('Window'.'OverallWidth'=7.5));

That should select your PIO.

But I think Katie is correct, you cannot select more than one window in the same wall at the same time, although what you say is interesting too. If you have one PIO in each of two separate walls, it will select both of them. But unfortunately, although the info palette shows both of them, you cannot edit their size at the same time.

It sure seems like there could be some additional documentation on all this, Field Value Criteria in particular.

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