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Offset - creating in separate class from original

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I am tring to offset a path for laser cutting. I want the line created by offsetting a duplicate of the original line to be part of the active class, with that class's attributes. I can't seem to make this happen, regardless of the "use at creation" setting. Is this me being dense or is the offset tool not able to do what I want?

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Thanks for the input, Don. I have been doing as you outline: hitting the OIP right away, but for some strange reason I then have to go to the attributes palette and switch the pen color to "class color" in order to get the offset line to change to the default pen color for the class - and I do have "use at creation" set for that class. Tedious as hell, and I only have 366 more lines to go.

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Mark, duplicate of all your existing lines and change the duplicates' color and class all at one time. Then offset them by "Offset original object mode." That way, all your copies will disappear as they are offset, and the new offset lines will automatically have the attributes you want.

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