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Selected Items don't shaw as selected


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I have downloaded the demo of Vectorworks 8.5, I run a Mac B&W G3 300 128MB OS9 Voodoo3 2000. The program seem to run just fine except for one very annoying thing. When I try to alter an item (say a line) I click on it to select it. The info for the line appears in the Info window. However the bold appearance and the corner markers don't show up. This makes it next to imposible to know if I'm editing the proper item, or which of several items I am working on. I'm used to version 7 Vectorworks and MiniCadd before that and have gotten used to the previous feel.

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Try allocating more memory to the DEMO. We have had reported cases where objects did not show up or the selection handles didn't show, and by allocating more memory to the program it seemed to resolve the problem.

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Doh silly me. I have the 8.0 Demo not the 8.5 Demo. I noticed when I went and reloaded the demo to try a clean install. Apparently there isn't an 8.5 Demo out yet.

However, I still have the same problem. I tried to allocate lots of memory to the application but still no luck. I set virtual memory to 192MB logical and gave the program 100MB. Still no markers showing the selected objects. My buddy with a G4 256MB also has the same problem

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Its a Voodoo problem.

I switched back to the original ATI video board and sure enough the selection handles came back. My buddy has replaced his stock video board with a Voodoo 3 2000 AGP so he would have the same problem. I'm using Voodoo driver version 1.0b11

Now is it a problem for the boys at 3DFx or is it a Vectorworks Bug?

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