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I'm having problems updating viewports. When updating viewports rendered with Open GL, after the viewports have been rendered once or twice before they will no longer render due to what i'm told by VW is "lack of memory" but I can still update a viewport rendered with hidden line on the same drawing after VW has told me the viewport rendered with Open GL can't be updated. This becomes vey frustrating please any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

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A shortness of memory affects us all ... sooner or later.

You could try to clear the buffer by selecting "Wire Frame" then re-select OpenGL.

Also, set the OpenGL preferences to 'medium'... and use NURBS surfaces whenever possible.

They are more efficient than a bunch of tessellated polygons.

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Are you getting "Out of Memory" errors popping up on your screen?

If so, what OS are you using?

How much built in memory do you have?

What is the DPI setting for the viewport(s)?

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I had the same prooblem. A file of 75MB. 3 x viewports in a A0 Frame sheet layer and if you try and run a second sheet layer viewport update it runs out of memory or if you add /remove a class from the existing sheet layer, you will also get the message. I can do only one at a time and that is it. There after you MUST re-start to get the next/same sheet layer updated for printing. I tried the go to wireframe trick but it does not work in freeing up of memory. I even set the Tune-Up utility program to free - up memory and I can see in the Task Manager it is free but VW still gives the same message and does not accept / reconizes it.

Layer is set at 300DPI, Textures, Anti Anializing, Nurbs at High and it takes about 15 minutes to render with 3 x viewports in one Sheet Layer - that is actually great and happy about it.(gives a smoke break)In the VW Preferences the 3D is also set to high.

Set all at Very High with a DPI of 600 and you are a sitting duck for about 1 x hour. But it renders, just do not try to re-render / re-update it.

I have a P4 2.8Ghz, 2GB ram, Asus motherboard and a 3D Labs Realizm 200 Video Card with 512MB Ram.

I plugged a Nvidia Quadro 380 XGL Video Card in and will do the same but only if all settings are set to Low with a DPI of max = 100 and it takes longer to render.

All done in OpenGL because VW present a OpenGL that is perfectly acceptable on the outcome and no production time is lost in light settings.

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A 600 DPI with a file that large is likely to put a strain on time and possibly the operating system, depending on the other running applications.

If the other applications running, even processes, are memory intensive, this is a challenging situation.

I would suggest closing any unnecessary applications when rendering the project if you must use a 600 DPI.

Even when rendering something that large with a 300 DPI, it's better to be safe than sorry.

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As a newbie, I am trying all he limits. 600 DPI is not necessary but I just wanted to see if VW can handle it and what of the 3DLabs or Nvidia are up to it. The Nvidia 380XGL are an unfair match to the 3Dlabs on these sizes.

3D Labs kick ass but they decided to stop production of their cards that are not good news. Looking at the new Core Duo's but still do not know what card - anybody on advice here, what Nvidia Card can kick ass ? Nvidia are over priced in relation to 3Dlabs in performance but that is of capitalism works if you have an actual monopoly.

Looked at the FX5500 but the price, the price...and will it do the job or not. It is fine to read what it can do but the theory and the practical aplication can differ hugely.

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The FX5500 is a great card. Personally (not as an NNA rep), video cards often give you more functionality than you will need, unless you are doing some serious gaming. CAD is the only other exception to video cards - if you are running serious renderings, a good video card should rarely be passed up. My rule of thumb is buy what can be afforded, but don't go cheap on memory, processor, and video cards at the same time.

Comparing the video card matrix is like looking at a periodic table, to me. There's a lot of information to take in, and you have to know a little technical information to understand all the presented information.

I have an FX 5200 and it's pretty much fail-proof with VectorWorks. It's not a top end card, but it can certainly handle it's own with both simple and complex models.

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Set the DPI to 300 or 150, then try rendering. You can set the 3D resolution to a higher value.

I'm still not clear if you are specifically getting "Out of Memory" Apple OS error pop up or not.

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