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dwg/dxf import

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Was happy like crazy to finally receive the VW 8.5.1 cd.

Installed it. Opened it. Imported a .dwg and it promptly crashed the app. Wouldn't work with dwg's or dxf's. Tried several with the same result, often getting an "insufficient memory" kind of message in spite of having upwards of 100mB allocated to it.

Has anyone seen this?

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When importing DXF's or DWG's to VectorWorks you must always remember that there must be memory in the unused block of the computer. If you allocate to much memory to the program you will end up hurting your efforts to import a file rather than help them. When importing VectorWorks uses memory outside of the memory that is allocated to the program. You want to try and balance the memory allocation with the program and computer so that everything runs smoothly. You should set the "minimum" so that it is equal to the "suggested" memory settings. You should then set the "preferred" to a amount that is at least 20 or 30 megs higher than the minimum. You can allocate more depending on what your working on in the program. Now if you are importing a file that is a couple of megs, and you are getting "insufficient memory" errors, then you will want to increase your Virtual memory so that there is a large amount of memory in the unused portion of the computer. Depending on the file size you should be able to import it. If you more error messages, keep increasing the virtual memory. Once the file has been imported you should reset the virtual memory to 1 over the installed ram of the computer. If you are still having problems, contact technical support for further assistance.

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