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  1. I have had a periodically recurring problem when importing .dxf's or .dwg's from AutoCAD (any version). I will import an AutoCAD drawing (.dxf or .dwg ) into a new VW drawing. This seems to work fine. I will then try to copy elements from the imported drawing to an existing drawing. When pasted, these copied objects are visible but untouchable (can't grab 'em or select 'em), and when grouped, they disappear completely. Scary. I have tried having the AutoCAD drawings exported as previous versions, exploded to lines...everything I could think of. I have also ungrouped everything, converted to lines, and purged all in an effort to make it work. Unsuccessful. In the Architectural (or any) building design field, interaction with AutoCAD is a necessary (and unavoidable) evil. This must work! Don't know where the problem lies, but I suspect misunderstood ACAD objects... Anyone experienced this? Ideas...? My config. is as follows: G4/400, 192ram, OS 9.0.4, VW 8.5.2
  2. Issue: I'm trying to import a Acad v.14 drawing (581K) and am persistently getting an "Out of openDWG memory. Cannot Continue" message which forces me out of Vectorworks 8.5.1. I have tried allocating 100mB (max.), 40mB, and 15,004 (min.) to Vectorworks to check the range. Same result. Any suggestions? Anyone had this before? config...beige G3/233/224ram TIA Christopher Gowing
  3. Was happy like crazy to finally receive the VW 8.5.1 cd. Installed it. Opened it. Imported a .dwg and it promptly crashed the app. Wouldn't work with dwg's or dxf's. Tried several with the same result, often getting an "insufficient memory" kind of message in spite of having upwards of 100mB allocated to it. Has anyone seen this?
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