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Window PIOs - Library update?


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I've noticed that some window manufactures such as Marvin offer their entire product line as 3D CAD symbols. From the Marvin website there is a download that allows for updating of the Archtectural Desktop (AutoCAD) symbol "catalog". I think the process is that when the file is downloaded from the manufactures website, in AutoCAD you can simply find the downloaded file and update the window catalog.

Is it possible to update the Vectorworks window PIOs in a similar manner?

Here is a link to the site that I'm speaking of:

Marvin Window 3D Symbols

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Goodness! Marvin, the depressed robot, is nowadays in the windows business? What do you know...

PIO = plug-in object.

Symbol = symbol.

If you have a symbol library of Marvin's windows, you can replace the old one with the new one. If the catalogue consists of individual files ("blocks"), you need to import the entire catalogue from a folder into a VW document "as symbols".

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Do you realize that there are Marvin catologues already in the VW Library? They go in as PIO's, not symbols, and automatically set up the Data information. They are crisp, and drawn accurately for the model number. One drawback is that you have to place the window first, then go back and set all the parameters (trim, muntins, etc).

Even if you do not finally spec Marvin, they are handy for modeling.

It would be good to have other manufacturer's come is as well.

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