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Closer Bricks?

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Is there any tool to create closer bricks on cavity walls where a window or door is inserted?

At the moment Im simply adding a closer brick by drawing it in the annotation layer and hatching it the same as the wall, which looks ok, but if there is a tool to do this, it would be great.



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If you are talking about the brick return @ a window. Select your window PIO in the information Pallet choose Settings>Wall Detail - Exterior, Number of components 1. This will give you extra control points on the wall break, that you can grip and drag to create the brick return. This assumes that you are using the window PIO and a styled wall type.

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I assume you mean the return into a masonry opening, where the trim is recessed from the face of the wall.

Set the door/window to the actual size rather than using wall depth. You can offset it one way or the other if you like. In the Settings menus, on the Wall Detail Tab, add 1 or 2 (experiment) interior and exterior Components (make sure splay is off unless you want it). That will give you vertices in plan view that you can grab and move to adjust the wall opening. When it is widened past the trim, the finish material will return into the opening.

The only drawbacks I have found is that the door threshold remains the width of the door and does not adjust to the trim depth(now the opening width) and for windows, using a brick sill still gives you a white solid apron on the outside (with trim under stool and sill turned off).

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