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  1. Thanks for the tip Bcd, A slab object seems to do the trick.
  2. Thanks for the reply. You mean the fill? It's already set to a solid. Unless you mean something else. Here's a screenshot. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/33057988/Screen%20Shot%202011-11-21%20at%2011.11.24.png
  3. Hi there, I'm still getting to grips with VW but currently using VW2011 and having some problems with a 3D shape. I needed to model a curved desk and modelled it using a Polyline (2D since I couldn't figure out how to add curved vertices to a 3D Polyline) and extruded it. Once extruded, the object is showing as transparent in all views. Is it possible to add a solid fill so the object doesn't show as being transparent? I've tried adding a texture but it seems to make no difference, and since the final drawing will be in 'Top/Plan' view there'll be no rendering style anyway. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. Thanks Peter, Updated as suggested.
  5. Thanks guys, Yep, exactly like that screenshot. Aha doubling viewports, great idea! Thanks again.
  6. I've got a few questions about VW Designer, and I'm struggling to figure out the answers. 1. Is there a way to get the dynamic input to display dimensions based on the reference point? For example, if you reference the endpoint of a wall, and drag away from it to start another wall, or insert a window a specific distance away, the dynamic input thing always references the same point on the drawing rather than the point you originally referenced. Or am I doing it wrong? 2. Can you show wall components in a hatched section view? For example in ACA, you can section a double leaf brick wall and it'll show the detail of bricks, mortar and insulation. I know VW will do textured versions if using Renderworks, but I mean 2D style, hatched. 3. Is it possible to get shadows in a plan view when you're using wireframe? Reason being I would like to be able to show the normal detail for a plan view, wall components, hatching etc, but shadows as well. I can only seem to get shadows in a rendered view, which means I can't display hatching, and the cut plane is set above the wall openings so no windows/doors are shown. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hey all. I've just got VW 2011 up and running and I'm just getting started with it. I used VW back in '06 for a short while but switched to AutoCAD due to the company I worked for. I'm now happily back on OS X, and consequently VW, but I'm feeling rather lost with it! I'm running Designer, and I think a decent training guide is what I need, I saw the project based book written by Jonathan Pickup, is this recommended? I've got the PDF user guide, as well as the 'Architect' tutorial, but it's a little lacking to be honest, and I was instantly put off when it didn't even cover document setup. Secondly, the project I'm working on right now is calling for a pretty specific render setup that I can't seem to achieve despite a few hours of messing around with a test model. I need to render a plan view, with 2D style hatching, but with shadows as well... is that possible? The only way I can see to get shadows in plan view is with the Renderworks or OpenGL, but in both cases, the model is textured and not hatched, and also the cut plane is set too high so no windows/doors are visible in the walls. Basically I want a normal 2D Plan drawing but with shadows. Finally, how do I set door/wall position with the dynamic input to actuall track from the point I pick starting from zero? For example, if I want a door 1500mm along from another door, or from the end of the wall, how do I specify that? The dynamic input thing seems to show pretty random numbers rather than 0.
  8. Hi there, I have been a Vectorworks user for about a year now, and a Cinema 4D user for some time before that. Although fairly proficient in both, I have recently started experimenting with how the two work together, which if successful, would prove a great help in terms of workflow. I purchased the exchange from Maxon and I have installed it all correctly. I have managed to get a basic model from VW to C4D, and the geometry looks spot on. However, I am having problems with the texturing side of things. The main reason for wanting to use C4D to finish 3D projects is mainly textures, and lighting. I want to be able to export the model (untextured) from VW, and bring it into C4D to texture it. The problem I have had is that I can't apply textures to just say, window frames, or sills, the entire window object is textured. I know I could select parts of the geometry and texture it, but is there a way for VW to export these as seperate parts so they can be textured individually. Ideally, be listed in the object manager as 'frames' 'sills' etc. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Tom
  9. Thanks for the replies. Im using Mac. Im creating the PDF's by exporting to PDF. Ive figured out, the grey lines are down to the resolution I choose. I started out by automatically going for 300dpi as I assumed this was the normal print resolution, and as I dropped the resolution, I realised this was causing the 'grey' lines. The grey lines are actually black, but they are just too thin to display properly until I zoom right in, but they still print as grey at anything above about 72dpi. What is the optimum resolution for printing to pdf? The balance I found seemed to work was about 60-70dpi. Or am I still missing something? Thanks
  10. Hi, Following some advice, I've got the VW viewer to see how it works as I need to ask a client to install it. I have a drawing that uses hidden line viewports. Obviously when you first open a VW file in the viewer, as in VW, the viewports display as wireframe. How do you update the viewports to display 'hidden line'? All the view meus is greyed out, surely there's a way to render them differently? Thanks
  11. Ive just worked it out, I shouldnt have even been selecting the 'show 3d open' option. Thanks
  12. Hi there, Ive had to use the window tool to show a door in a drawing I am working on as it is a 3 panel glazed door, with the third panel as a swing door, but all three panels are of different widths. I found only the window tool capable of this. As it is a door, I need to show it as open in the plan view, but this then shows it open on the elevation viewport as well. Is there any way round this? Ive tried just updating the plan viewport after choosing the 'show 3d open' option but I need the elevations to be hidden line so this wont work. Thanks
  13. Thanks How do you convert a veiwport to lines? I will get them to install the VW viewer, thanks. Also, when I convert to PDF, a lot of the lines in the drawing turn grey, is this purely down to the lineweights being too low for the pdf to display properly, or is it something else? Thanks
  14. Hi there, I have a question regarding exporting to DWG. I posted the question over at the Architosh forums and they suggested I try here, Ive done a search and haven't found any help really. I need to export a VW12.5 Drawing to DWG for printing as I dont have access to a Plotter or Printer that does the A1 size I need. Everytime I try to do this, the viewports all print as they look before theyre updated. With all the lines showing, and as you can imagine, this is completely unacceptable. I need to print them as hidden line, as any normal drawing should be. Are there certain export settings I need to check or is there another way of doing this? Thanks
  15. Hi, Is there any tool to create closer bricks on cavity walls where a window or door is inserted? At the moment Im simply adding a closer brick by drawing it in the annotation layer and hatching it the same as the wall, which looks ok, but if there is a tool to do this, it would be great. Thanks Tom
  16. Aah, I figured it out, easy! Cant believe I missed that! Just adjust the jamb depth, and not have it set to 'depth of wall' Now just the question about the closer brick and window opening? Thanks
  17. Thanks for the reply. I see what you mean, I should have explained better. Lets say you have a 252.5 cavity wall, and put a door in it, the lining would obviously span the width of the wall, but it shows no frame, how do you put the door within a frame that sits midway in the opening. I can achieve this by closing the walls and drawing an internal wall the width of the fram across the opening, then placing the door in that, but is there a way of setting the door prefs to show this? Also, rather than post this in a seperate post, how do you show a closer brick on a cavity wall where it meets a window or door? Is there a tool to do this or will it be a case of simply adding it in plan viewport annotation layer? And also! Is it possible to show a window as open 90 degrees as a door shows in plan view with the opening arc? Thanks
  18. Hi there, Im having some real problems trying to figure out how to get doors to hang 'in' their frames rather than 'on' them. As far as I have worked in Architecture, Im sure the majority of doors I have seen are set within the frame in plan view, usually midway, however VW automatically places them at the back or front of the wall and there seems to be no option to change this, although Im also quite sure that there must be an option to change this, and Ive missed it. It would be much appreciated if somebody could point out how to hang doors 'inside' the frames rather than setting the hinges at either the back or front of it. Im referring to standard swing doors in plan view in case Im confusing people. Thanks Tom
  19. Ah, fixed it. Thanks Katie, I was running it alongside Cinema 4D, Photoshop and Safari all at once. Probably could have figured that would be slowing things a little. Thanks again
  20. Zooming using trackball or selection zoom causes the same effect. And yep, Im running the latest version of QT pro. I really hope this can be fixed!
  21. DD_Design, I used 3DS Max for some time before using Cinema 4D. I switched to Mac and obviously had to find another 3D program, I couldnt get my head around Maya quick enough, but C4D....wow! I bought the Studio bundle, which includes all the modules, I thought at first I wouldnt need all of them but since purchasing, Im glad I did. For example, the HAIR module....why would I need that......hmmmm client wants furry cushions on a sofa.....easy! Hehe. C4D is by far the easiest 3D software to use, and everything about it, even the interface is just nice to work with. And Im sure some 3DS Max fans may disagree with me here so *shhh* I personally think the advanced render is capable of some better final renders than 3DS Max. Although some real pro's would be able to achieve better results with one or the other, it's a lot easier to achieve stunning renders in C4D. And the BodyPaint that comes with all the bundles, is awesome for adding little bits here and there, imagine photoshop for 3D. Here's a quick scene I just set up to show you, not as detailed as the last couple pics posted but all thats done to set the render is checked the GI box. then just a standard render. And a quick pyrocluster on the fireplace.
  22. Hi there, Ive just purchased VectorWorks 12.5 having been very impressed with it after a friend showed me. I was using AutoCAD for a while before that and obviously for the most part, its a pleasant transition to VW. I have VectorWorks Designer 12.5 and Im running it on a Mac, Intel Processor, 2Ghz, 1G RAM. Since installing it, the graphics display horribly, almost to the point it is impossible to work with. When you zoom in our out, or scroll around, drawing blur as if they are a low resolution, and lines start to appear invisible. It only seems to be a problem in Plan and Viewport Views, 3D and Rendered views are fine. Ive seen some posts regarding this and people are suggesting its due to VW being slow to update the screen, however Im not so sure this is the case as I fail to see how say a 2 story house full of textures can be rendered in 3D in next to no time, however the plan view which could be as simple as a single rectangle of wall lines takes forever to appear correctly. Also, it never adjusts itself, it just stays as it looks until you zoom out/in until it appears correctly, which is usually in an inconvenient position to continue working on. I have tried reinstalling and to no avail. I really hope there is a solution to this as I have a workload like everyone else and I would much rather do it in VW, otherwise I will have to go back to AutoCAD. Thanks Tom
  23. Ok thanks for all the replies, looks like I will be looking at the roof face tool. Re the C4D, I found the pdf file which I will have a read through. I do have RenderWorks, I got Designer 12.5, but I haven't fully explored the texturing side of things in VW as its all very new to me. I am much more familiar with Cinema 4D so I assumed I would be better off importing the untextured model and start texturing in C4D. Ive just purchased the Architect Training DVD's so Im sure I will be much more familiar having watched them. Thanks again for the replies.
  24. Hi there, I have recently started using VW 12.5 since switching from AutoCAD a couple months ago. I am picking it up pretty well, however there are some things I am having problems with. The 'Creat Roof' tool is handy, but I need to create a single sloping roof on the ground floor extension of a drawing I am doing, but I cannot seem to get the roof to create properly on just 3 walls. Maybe I am approaching it in the wrong way. How do you model a roof on 3 walls, to meet the rest of the rest of the house from where the extension begins. Also, Im not sure how many people are familiar with this but I also purchased the Architectural Exchange plug-in for Cinema 4D and cannot understand how to work on the model properly in the two programs, I can model in Cinema 4D no problem, but the question I have is this; How do you texture just parts of certain objects, for example, texture the glass of a window, and the the frame. When I import the model from VW it comes as one whole object, and I guess even if I could get the objects in as seperate items, a window would still act as one. The same goes for VW, how do you texture just parts of an object. Any help would be much appreciated, mainly on the roof thing as I havent played around with the Cinema 4D/VW thing too much so I may figure that out myself. Thanks Tom
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