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memory partition


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I get a message when ever I try to render a drawing stating that some operations could not be carried out due to lack of memory. It then goes on to say "try increasing partition size" I've had this happen on 2 diffrent machines 1 with 40megs of ram and another with 126meg. I've tried increasing the program memory allotmentbut does not work. Can anybody help. I'm running on Macintosh.


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I have had the same problem. It is really independent of the memory allocation set up for VW in the About Info box. It has more to do with the way VW uses the memory. The only fix I have come across is to close some drawing files. The action seems to make VW reallocate space.

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Rendering is likely to take most of its memory from the system, so allocating more memory to VW is likely to be counter-productive.

Try this: restart, open VW, open the file you want to render, switch to the finder, choose About This Computer from the Apple menu, and look at the bar for VW. If it's about 2/3 of the way full that's probably a good setting, otherwise quit VW and change it's memory allocation with the Get Info command from the File menu in the Finder.


John Williams


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