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You can select it like any other file, just mind that those files do not end with ".mcd". They end with ".sta"

Workgroup References... -->New... -->

Choose Templates/<template file>.sta

Under Windows you must set now in the "open file" window "File Type" to "All files(*.*)". Otherwise you see a blank list: the folder "Templates" should contain only .sta files and no .mcd files. That's why you might have found it empty.

Sheet layers are special containers and cannot be imported into a file. If you have VW Architect you can copy the attributes of the Viewports eventually contained in the sheet layer through the "Eyedropper Tool". Make sure to check all Viewport attributes properties to true in the preferences of the tool (double-click the tool to get the preferences).

Mind: this feature of the eyedropper is disabled under VW Fundamentals: you can only drop VP attributes in the current file. Only VectorScript helps you there.

Eventual other objects found on the sheet layer can be copied and pasted.


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