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Autosave backup: ability to choose any directory



We've had a couple of instances of the problem of corrupted files again on our network recently. It would be nice if we didn't have to deal with this problem at all but it would also help if we could set VW to autosave a backup of files to any directory the user chooses. For instance you might be working on a network but can set VW to save a backup file to a folder on your local desktop.

We have a triple rotation backup but we still lose a day's work if a file is corrupted before the evening's backup kicks in.

I know you can save a copy to a separate folder in the same directory but this clutters up our filing system and makes it harder to manage; at least you know who was working on the file, for instance, if it's backed up on their machine. You also risk having that file corrupted too, I imagine, as it's still on the network volume.

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Have to Agree that this would be a great thing as well.

Keeps file servers and backup tapes cleaner.

The added benefit would be backup by user, it that if someone opens a file to work on it (or just to cut and paste something out of it), does something they shouldn't that gets written over the common backup as well as the file.

With local backups each user would have a copy of the file as it stood last time they worked on it.

Also on the backup file it would be great to have both an auto back up on a short schedule, and save file prompt at a longer interval.

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Our office is currently considering 'working off the server' rather than working on local copies, but we really need Nemetschek to enable 'any directory' backup files that can be set to backup to the user's local drive. We don't want to litter the server with vwbackup folders.

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