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  1. Try playing with the 2d/3d conversion import options. Text from autocad files is sometimes in 3d and can disappear on import if its not converted to 2d
  2. Thanks for that Islandmon. I had assumed the lastest system update would know it. Feels like summer already in Auckland today
  3. Similar to Roberts suggestion I'd do it with as a wall with a dashed cavity of the same width. Doesn't look as good at an angle though unless there is a way to square off the dash edges.
  4. Mike thats interesting to hear. The operator in question does have an extremely untidy desk so perhaps she has something else on her computer causing the problem It only happens with polygons apparently and not other objects.
  5. pwb While not wanting to disuade you from upgrading I'll say we have a copy of VW11 running on an intel mac. The only problem we have encountered is crashing when using the offset tool, otherwise it works as on a PPC.
  6. Sub layers perhaps? Similar to how classes can be organised.
  7. Yes it can. There is an option in the create class dialog box to control the visibility in saved views. I recall there also being a wish list item for this to be extended to viewports and thought it had been incorporated into version 12. It is of limited use though - how often do you want a new class to appear in every saved view or viewport?
  8. What interesting statements in absolutes. I have an almost entirely opposite view. To leverage the power of cad and minimise errors i try to use elements, including text, only once if possible. So such elements are likely to appear in more than one viewport. I annotate in both viewports & design layers but mostly in design layers. A couple of examples: common dimensions on floor & foundation plans, room names on floor and finishes plans. How to achieve this: classes
  9. Having viewports default to class none, with the alternative option to assign the active class would work wouldn't it? - as per the dimension classing options.
  10. eDrawings is totally reliable for me too and is the best viewer i've used
  11. Me too. I put this on the wish list some time ago but it didn't get a huge response http://techboard.nemetschek.net/ubbthrea...=true#Post52831
  12. Hi Daryl. No I don't frequent the sketchup forum. I haven't had the time to explore sketchup in any great detail unfortunately. Cheers, Grant
  13. Daryl I've used the formula preceded by ROUNDDOWN or ROUNDUP in excel. Haven't tried it in a VW worksheet but would expect there is something similar.
  14. Jodyb17 you can already lock individual objects such as grid lines so they won't move if that is what you mean. Edit menu/lock. This is slightly different to Christiaans request I think.
  15. Christiaan The method described by G-Pang in this thread works pretty well. http://techboard.nemetschek.net/ubbthrea...=true#Post53094
  16. Graham, yes the alias needs to be named templates as per the folder it replaces. The server also needs to be mounted before launching Vectorworks. I have had no problems without having another template file on the local computer, contrary to what Katie says. However I do use one anyway (in the VW application folder - called Vectorworks default) so that VW always opens a metric drawing when launching. hth cheers grant
  17. Yes you can store templates on a server. I put the stationary files in a folder called templates on the server and then copy an alias (shortcut) to the vectorworks folder on individual workstations.
  18. Charles Thanks for your response, yes I realise I can take the approach you describe. However to my mind its far too involved for what I want to do (I'm being stubborn I know) The information i need is already there in the subrow, i just want to be able to reference individual figures, not totals. I've tried using a separate worksheet to reference but again the problem i have struck is that it still can't reference subrows or subcells. If there is a way to do this i'd love to know it. If i have to have a class or database header for every figure required i might as well just export the original worksheet into excel and save the time - which is what i currently do. Cheers Grant
  19. I find it a bit limiting that you can extract information from a drawing and then do little else with it due to the limitations of database rows. I'd like to do further mathematical operations on information in subrows and/or reference individual subrows in formulas - as an example - using the space tool to generate carparking calculations on multi unit projects that will update when changing the space size.
  20. I agree. Actually I'd like to be able to force a back up save at any time also.
  21. Try changing to a lower screen resolution temporarily
  22. Thanks Katie I'll update our server software. And I'll have to put the hard word on the money man for the VW upgrade
  23. I've encountered this in 2 different offices. Currently using OSX server 10.4.6 Your read only problem should be solved by altering permssions on the server so that file access is not limited to the computer that created the file. File corruption is more problematic, and I'm also hoping VW will be more network friendly in the future.
  24. Yes thats how I put complex shapes into a wall without resorting to solids subtractions. For odd shapes (such as stars) you can model the wall around it so that the orthoginal shape cut in the wall by the symbol bounding box is properly filled.
  25. Do you have 2 walls in the same position?
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