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plotting problems in 12.5



I recently upgraded to VW 12.5 and since have been having problems plotting. I am plotting to an HP Designjet 455cm and using Mac OS 10.3.9.

When I send a drawing to the plotter it takes hours to process before it prints (where it used to take several minutes) and sometimes it doesnt print at all. Has anyone else experienced this with this upgrade, and does anyone have any suggestions into fixing this problem.


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Another person w/ printing problems in VW 12.5. HP 430 printer, XP Home. Used to print w/ no problems, bit printing got slower and slower until files just refuse to finish. Seems to have started around the time upgrade to 12.5 installled. Need an answer as the office cannot function w/o being able to print. I can print to PDF but don't like the quality and want to understand why what used to waork does not work now. Reinstalled VW 12 to no avail. Computer consultatnt suggested getting info on priniting preferences (PPD)s. Thought they may have changed when 12.5 installed and have not changed back after unistalling 12.5. Would appreciate any help. Need an answer.


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