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Dongle not detected, VectorWorks quitting

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I keep getting messages like this, I can't figure it out.

I'm using a Titanium Powerbook, so it might be that. . . .

? the USBs have become 'dry joints' .

? the heat has caused things to expand (weather 33?C.) but obviously I'm in shade.

? there are problems inside the dongle

I've tried to use a USB hub to see if I can isolate anything, but the same problems in different configurations.

Are there any known issues ?


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That sounds like a dongle driver needs to be updated.

Remove the dongle.

Go to aladdin.com

Click on support and downloads

Select HASP from the drop down box (NOT the left side)

Click on End Users below Hasp 4

Select the download that says New OS X Installer - it's the 3rd item in the table.

Download and install everything.

Plug the dongle in

Restart the computer

Launch VW

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Did you have the dongle unplugged while you were installing the software?

When the dongle is plugged in, does it light up?

Are you still running 10.4.5 or have you updated to 10.4.7?

(Signature says 10.4.5)

Have you run disk utility?

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