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Would like to import some files created in SketchUp. According to VW User's Guide it is simply a matter of adding "Import SketchUp" command to the workspace, using workspace editor, but I can not find the command anywhere.

So I downloaded "InstallSketchUpImport1200" from the website, but when I ran the installer it said: 'No installation was necessary. The files to be installed are already on your disk, or are not needed for your hardware setup'. (iMac G5 OSX 10.4). I've been through every command offered in workspace editor to no avail - can anyone advise on this please?

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On the left side of the Workspace Editor:

Expand "All Menus". Scroll down the list & you should see "Import Sketchup" listed with a number of other import options. For some reason it is not in the Import/Export section.

Drag it to the Import section on the right and you should find it in your workspace after you exit.


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Thanks Geroge, bryn and dcont - but, as described above, the "Import SketchUp" command does not appear in any of the menus in the workspace editor, and when I run the plugin installer it gives the alert as noted in my original posting ("No installation was necessary... etc"), and the installer will not proceed further. Perhaps someone from Nemetchek can comment?

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late breaking news .... I contacted Nemetchek Support by e-mail about this issue. Donal Ward replied that he had not encountered this problem before, and advised me to re-install VW12. After reinstallation the SketchUp plug-in is now working. Whatever the problem was is a mystery we may never fully understand. Thanks to Donal.

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