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Shortcut 45? Rotation for 2-D objects?

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Here's a simple script that will rotate a selected object about the center point by 45 degrees.

Simple use the Resource Browser to create a VectorScipt once a VS Palette has been created using the Resource Browser.

Edit the VS and paste this information and click ok.

To run the script, simply select the object and double click on the script in the script palette.




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You can also go to Tools>Scripts>VS Plugin Editor and click on the NEW button.

Select Command and give it a name

Click OK

With the script selected, click on the Script button and paste the above script text

CLick OK

Click on Done

Using the workspace editor, add the menu to the workspace. If you want, you can also add a keyboard shortcut to the menu.

If you want the object to rotate 45 degrees to the left, do the same steps above using -45 as the angle rather than 45.

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This command is also part of a suite of tool add ons available at


Check it out to see if any of the others included may be of use to you.

I also added the tool using VW Workspace editor so when I right click on my mouse it appears in the drop down palette along with other frequently used tools.

Of course you need a multi button mouse to have a right button to press, rather than the single button Apple used to supply.

Also check out www.vectordepot.com for useful plug ins such as "toogle line thickness and toggle group visability" plug in, which I use constantly and again access from my right mouse button drop down menu.


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