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Importing AutoCAD DWG file



I am running MacOSX 10.2.6 and VW 9.5.3. I just reinstalled VW. I open a new document and then select Import DWG. Next I see a dialog box to select a file. After I select a .dwg file a dialog box tells me first "Loading File" and then "Converting proxies to group" and hangs with the progress bar in the middle of its range. Only force quit will get me out of VW.

Question: After selecting Import DWG... isn't the DWG Option dialog box supposed to show?

Any suggestion what is wrong?

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Depending on what's in the AutoCad file and how large it is, the process could take a good bit of time to import. I've seen files that have taken and hour to import due to the complexity of the file.

If there's a problem with the import, you should get an error message with a number.

Otherwise, just let the import go and have a cup a joe while you wait.

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I've been trying to email you and it keeps coming back.

I didn't have a problem importing that dwg file.

Are you using VW 10.1.2?

Do you have the dwg file on a server or the local computer?

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