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Graphire Tablet behavior after 9.5 install


I have just installed VW 9.5 and with what little I have seen it seems to work fine except for one minor little issue. Well for me its not a minor issue. I use a Graphire Tablet with mouse and pen. I primarily use the mouse. With my old VW 9.1 and previous versions, it would behave as a mouse does. With this version it will only behave like a pen in absolute 1:1 mode to the screen. (My screen is a 22" Apple Cinema Display running on a G4 550, OS 9.1, 16 Mb ATI graphics card, 768mb RAM). This starts the moment the VW application begins to launch and doesn't occur if I leave the VW workspace by clicking on another App or the Finder.

Sadly this is untenable and makes the software (VW) unusuable. The Wacom driver is 4.60-6, and I have set the mouse acceleration to Max and the tracking speed to Fast (like a rabbit). All to no avail in the VW workspace, the moment I launch another program or click into the Finder the mouse behaves as it should. With things as they are, I cannot access several of the menus in VW as the mouse needs to run over the pen holder at the top center rendering View, Pallettes, Window and Help unreachable. Not to mention the speed/acceleration needed on a screen of this size.

When I first started the software (VW9.5) I set up my preferred defaults and then chose the Tablet button which was a mistake as I was in a document that was much larger than the page size. The pointer would only reach to the extents of the printable page area and would not let me reach any of the tools, menus or anywhere else. To get out of the mode I was forced to close the document. After which it would reset out of Tablet mode, but still does not allow use of the mouse mode on the tablet. I have not restarted my Mac yet, but have restarted VW several times and it continues with this behavior.

So. Any suggestions? Many thanks. Karl Meadkarlmead@hotmail.com

Post script: I have now launched VW versions 8.5.2, 9.0, 9.01 and 9.5 and now all versions are behaving in the same way. Before the install the tablet worked perfectly in all 3 earlier versions.KM

PSSI have now restarted my Mac, and restarted VW in all versions, and it behaves properly. I beleive there is something very squirrelly in the routines the Tablet option under the Page menu uses as they relate to the Graphire. Don't use it until it is updated.KM

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