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Which printer??


As a new VW user, I want to upgrade my printer to deliver quality A3 sized designs.

This forum topic seems to list endless bugs with printers in printing out VW!

In all your vast experience, are there a couple of printer models out there that really deliver with VW?

Best wishes.

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Hi Paul

plenty of good ones out there.

It seems the hardware all works okay, it's the drivers that people seem to have the problem with. Which brings on the question what platform are you running on ? With Windows you stand a better chance but it depends on manufacturer. I'd say stick with the big three as the start of your shortlist, Epson, HP and Canon.

Is this to be a standalone connected machine or networked ? Is speed an issue ?

Also take a look at the consumables. Sometimes a machine can be cheap compared to its rivals till you start looking at the ink cartridges and special paper costs.

Do you do a lot of colour printing or just B&W plans ? Will it be used for other things.

Got a budget figure in mind ? Older models such as the HP 1220 are going cheap as they are coming to an end of product life.

Most of the computer magazines, which have web sites with review archives, look at these from time to time. Do a search on these, even if it's not the platform you use.

All of them seem to bring out new models ever month as well !!

My only problem I've had is speed, VW files I create can be big and take a time to process on my Windows PC and really slow to cancel, stop printing etc. An old HP 1120c but still gives good prints.

I'm considering the large Canon with separate ink tanks for each colour. Nothing really new from Epson in this size. Loads from HP.

All seem to aiming at the photoprinting aspect, digital camera - printing out images market with A4 printing at the moment.


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